1 On 1 is the baseline for player development. Think about the drive way duels, in the park challenges and the way we naturally built instincts to play the game.

Find the time in each practice to play 1 On 1. 1 On 1 makes each player (1) possess and score the ball or (2) defend the ball and stops. The transition between the two are the 50/50 effort plays that determine most game outcomes; loose balls and rebounds.


  • 1 On 1 Clear It & Play Ladder

  • 1 On 1 On 1 Drill

  • 1 On 1 Slot & Wing Drive

  • 1 On 1 Spots: Key, Wing, Corner, Low Post and Elbow

Points of Emphasis in 1 On 1:

  • Competition, Effort plays, Play calling, Accountability, Score, Grit, Counter, Communication with opponent

  • Close outs, Block outs, Stance, Hands, Blocks, Contact

  • Dribble Drive, Pull-ups, Step Backs, Bully Moves, Power Dribble Put Backs, Reverse Lay-ups, Playing through contacts, Post moves, Jabs, Rips, Rocker Steps