3 On 3 Practice

This practice plan can be used for Kindergartner through 8th Grade.  The purpose of the 3x3 Practice is to get players warmed-up, enforce and demand proper skill execution and get them into 3x3 game in to begin using their brains making basketball decisions and building basketball IQ.

  1. Dynamic Ball Warm-up

  2. Finishing Drill

  3. Shooting Drill

  4. Transition Drill

  5. 3 On 3

    1. 3 on 3 Player Lead (No coaching)

    2. Continuous 3 On 3 (Clear it and Play)

Points of Emphasis

  • Transition: Offense to Defense

  • Defense: Communication on Defense, Ball Pressure Emphasis

    • Close-Out, Box Out and Rebounds

  • Offense

    • Passing the ball

    • Attacking the basket and creating open shooters

  • Cutting

    • V-cuts on Perimeter.  V-cuts in Post

    • Backdoor Cuts

    • Laker Cuts

    • Flair Cuts (Back up to perimeter to create space)

    • Glide Cut & Shoot

  • Post Play

    • Low and High Post Ups

    • 5 C's in Post Play - Cut To Spot, Catch & Chin, Check, Create Post Move or Pass and Clear Out


Coaching Phrases

  • Stop the ball

  • Where’s the help defense

  • Need to call out picks and switches

  • Spacing + Timing = Offence

  • Flare Out, Create Space

  • Drive the ball

 Effective Player Development

  • Great way to work on both Primary and Secondary Skills

  • Efficient use of time

  • Great chance for players to play under pressure

  • Basketball specific fitness builder

  • Great way to get everyone involved

  • Continuous play has less stoppages and more rhythm

  • More scoring chances


  • Let players call own fouls and violations - Coach can overrule with a ‘Play On’ or ‘Clear and Play’

  • Take breaks with Free Throws

  • Play Fiba Continuous 3x3 with ‘clearing the ball’ to the 3 point line.