3x3 Practice

This practice plan can be used for Kindergartner through 8th Grade.  The purpose of the 3x3 Practice is to get players warmed-up, enforce and demand proper skill execution and get them into 3x3 game in to begin using their brains making basketball decisions and building basketball IQ.

  1. Maravich Drills and Dribbling Warm-up

  2. Core Skills Partner Drills

    1. Lay-up & Miken Finishing Drills

    2. Passing and Catching

    3. Pivot Drill

  3. Team Drills

    1. Jump Shooting

    2. Transition Drill

  4. 3x3

Points of Emphasis

  • Transition: Offense to Defense

  • Defense: Communication on Defense, Ball Pressure Emphasis

    • Close-Out, Box Out and Rebounds

  • Offense

    • Passing the ball

    • Attacking the basket and creating open shooters

  • Cutting

    • V-cuts on Perimeter.  V-cuts in Post

    • Backdoor Cuts

    • Laker Cuts

    • Flair Cuts (Back up to perimeter to create space)

    • Glide Cut & Shoot

  • Post Play

    • Low and High Post Ups

    • 5 C's in Post Play - Cut To Spot, Catch & Chin, Check, Create Post Move or Pass and Clear Out


Coaching Phrases

  • Find your man

  • Stop the ball

  • Where’s the help defense

  • Need to call out picks and switches

  • Spacing + Timing = Offence

  • Flare Out, Create Space

  • Drive the ball


  • Great way to work on both Primary and Secondary Skills

  • Great use of time

  • Great chance for players to play under pressure

  • Great fitness builder

  • Great way to get everyone involved

  • Continuous play has less stoppages and more rhythm

  • More scoring chances


  • Let players call own fouls and violations - Coach can overrule with a ‘Play On’ or ‘Clear and Play’

  • Take breaks with Free Throws

  • Play Fiba Continuous 3x3 with ‘clearing the ball’ to the 3 point line.