Great 3 On 3 Basketball Team Names. Use for 3x3, 3v3 or 3 on 3 Tournament, Leagues and Shootouts.


Three Man Hair Weave (If a player has long hair)

Triple Team

Run & Jump

Ball-Monte Crew

Deep Ball Crew

Boy Band Ballers

Trio of Trouble

Three Ball Amigos

Bay Boys cannot be used unless written consent from Bay Boys Inc.

Tri-State Ballers

Gang Green

The Wrecking Crew

The Smurfs

Hill Billy Ballers or Hill Billy Hoopers

Phi Slamma Jamma

The Doctors of Dunk

Lethal Weapon Three

Bad Boys

Small Ball U

Nasty Boys

Legion of Doom

Orange Crush

French Connection

Shot Selecton

Fearsome Four

The Fab Five

The Fabulous Five

The Mounds of Rebounds

Kardiac Kids

Ankle Breakers

4 Horseman

Steel Curtain

Phi Slamma Jama

Purple People Eaters

Tomato Crushers

Dogg Pound

Ball Breakers

Bully Ballers

Hot Shots

Shooting Stars

Splash Brothers

RUN TMC (or any other Initials the end C)

Net Rippers

Lil Hoopers

Balls Deep

Hoop Dreams

Slapp’n That Glass

Drill Squad

Top Gunners

Deep 3’s

Funk Master Swishers

Yo Schlomes

Three Amigos

Savage Shooters

Half Court Hawks

Ball Hoggers

Run N Gun

Basketball Junkies

Eat Sleep and Score On You

Basket Hounds

Dime Droppers

King of The

Team Mamba

Flaming Marsh-mellows (If you have a bunch of white girls who can heat up quick)

Killa Bees

Juicy Legs or Juicier Legs if someone else goes Juicy Legs

Haru Tang Clan