Palos Verdes 3 on 3 Youth Basketball Shootouts

3 on 3 or 3x3 is the number one played sport in the world. It's also an Olympic Sport starting in 2020. 3 On 3 is the greatest exercise to develop young basketball players. I never understood the rush to make or kids play 5 on 5. Players need touches, need experiences, need to score and small sided basketball exposes players to all the growth experiences. Here are a few benefits:

  • Players learn to play under constant pressure and make quick basketball decisions that stimulate brain activity that creates 'Basketball IQ'
  • Players learn to play with proper 10-15 foot spacing allowing dribble drives, dribble kicks, dribble dumps and lobs, screen and roles, screen and pops, dribble ats, dribble exchanges, dribble drags, proper cuts and low post entry passing
  • Players learn to transition from offense to defense which develops 'Next Play Mentality'
  • Maximizes touches on the ball whether steals, rebounds, catching, passing, dribbling drives and shots!
  • Forces players to communicate and become leaders

Shootout (Play Day) Details:

  • Each team guaranteed a minimum of five 12 minute games
  • Parents are prohibited from coaching. In a perfect world you wouldn't even be allowed to talk.
  • Online Team Registration and Player Waiver Required 
  • 4 players to team.  Three play and one substitute
  • Referees: Each game is reffed by a professional official
  • Rules: Modified Fiba 3x3 Rules
  • Location: PVIS, Palos Verdes Intermediate School
  • Parking: Free School and street parking.