Post Play

5 C's In Post Play:

  1. Cut to spot: Low, Mid, Elbow, Perimeter
  2. Catch and Chin:  Catch ball first and secure tight. Bring ball to chin level. Keep pivot foot alive so you may use either foot to pivot 
  3. Check: Get your head on a swivel. Look for cutters. Look to reverse the ball to weak side. Kick out to open shooter. Check how the defender is playing you.
  4. Create - Make the pass or post move. 
  5. Check away. If you do not get the ball check away. Think of the key as a highway to the hoop.. You want lanes for dribble drivers to attack the basket.

Post Spots:

  1. Low Post 5 Feet from basket. Straddle the Hash just outside the key.
  2. Medium Post: 10 feet from basket above the X extended. 3 spot.  Left, Right and inside Paint
  3. High Post: Elbows and Nail.

Low Post Moves:

  1. Drop Step Baseline Bank Shot
  2. Drop Step Paint Jump Hook

Medium Post Moves:

  1. Feel and Spin
  2. Up and Under

High Post:

  1. Pivot, Square, Jab and Shoot Over
  2. Pivot, Square Jab Middle and Drive
  3. Pivot, Square Jab Wide and Drive


You should use the 3 Count Post Rule. 1st Second is Catch. 2nd Second is Check, 3 Second is Create.

It's important to remember pivoting is essential to become a threat in the post. There are also several spots: Low, Mid, Elbow, Perimeter. Yes perimeter is a great place for a Big to post away and square up. Sun Tzu stressed in the Art of War the ability to hold a high position to see down on an opponent.  Look how often Villanova brings a big to the perimeter to find shooters or other post players. Another example is the High-Low post play.

Post moves should be based on who's guarding you. Three types of defenders will guard you. 1, Same size and speed. 2. Larger and slower. 3. Smaller but quicker.

Expose smaller defenders with Low Post controlled power moves. Drop steps and seal moves. Try shooting over them. Expose bigger player by cutting to Mid or High Post. Pivot and face them up and make quick catch and go or catch rip and go moves. 

Remember the 3 second rule. Keep active. Post players need to remember Spacing + Timing = Offense. Cutting to the spot and checking away is essential in allowing the perimeter players the ability to penetrate. Cutting and staying active will help you grab more offensive rebounds as its hard to bloc out a moving target.