Ball handling (hand eye coordination), Catching and Passing, Shooting Mechanics (Shooting Form) and the success of making baskets are important factors in training with the correct size ball. If a player cannot dribble the ball through the legs, has trouble making a proper weighted pass or catching the ball and does not have the strength to make a lay-up the ball is most likely to big. We are all about skills through struggle but success inspires kids to dream and find a passion. More made shots and more completed passes leads to more kids to enjoying the game!

Recommended Boy’s Basketball Ball Sizes:

  • TK - K: 25.5 (Mikasa 1006)

  • 1st - 2nd Grade: 27.5

  • 3rd - 6th Grade : 28.5

  • 7th & Up: 29.5 

Recommended Girls Basketball Ball Sizes:

  • TK - 2nd: 25.5 (Mikasa 1006)

  • 2nd - 6th Grade: 27.5

  • 7th & Up: 28.5 

Our program has used hundreds of basketballs.  We recommend the Spalding NBA Street Basketball for outdoor use: Buy here on Amazon

Another ball is Mikasa 1006 (25.5) and 1008 (27.5).

We recommend the Spalding Evolution Ball for indoor use : Buy here on Amazon