PV Bay Boys: Select Travel Basketball Teams

Bay Boys is a year-round youth development basketball program. Players are selected by aptitude and interest level. Bay Boys have one team practice a week, player development skills practices (optional) and play games in monthly shootouts and inter-squad scrimmages.

Two Seasons: (1) Fall / Winter: September 1 - February 28 & (2) Spring / Summer: March 1 - August 31.

Teams: 2024/25, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 (Based On Graduation Class). There are cases where a players best interest will be better served to play up or play down a grade level.

Games / Shootouts: We will participate in Monthly Shootouts. Shootouts are held locally and are on Saturday’s where we play 2 games.

Communication: All communications will be through Team Snap App and email.

Parental Game Conduct: No in game coaching, no communication with refs, opposition parents or opposition players. No lecturing players on rides home.

Parental Practice Conduct: No coaching or cheering. Please give space for players to get instruction, play for teammates and experience self discovery.

Coaches: All teams are lead by Coach Matt Lengkeek.  

Multi-Sport Athletes: We encourage all players to play other sports while participating in our year round program. The year round leads to proper mechanics and grow skills and basketball IQ and players grow as a team. We do not discourage players from strictly playing basketball however we offer multi-team practice and skills practices throughout the week for make-ups and reps.

Playing Time: In order to participate in games players must attend practices, show up 30 minute prior to game start time and have a satisfactory understanding of team schemes, set plays and team fundamentals.

Uniform: Included In Registration. Game Reversible, T-shirt, Shorts and Socks

Competition Approach To Player Development: Quantifying Skill Growth. Applying Skills and Playing Fundamental Basketball in 1 on 1, Small Sided and 5 on 5. We do value and teach man to man defensive principles.

Playing Style: Bay Boys look to dedicate the game’s pace through a variety of team defensive schemes ranging from man to man pack or deny, run and jump, full court press, traps and half court zone. We look to push offensive transition off defensive rebounds, quick outlets and attack the basket before defenses can get organized.

Bay Boys Motion Offense Principles: Spacing and Timing, Hitting Ahead, Point Five Second Decision Making, Low and High Post Passing, Great Shot Selection, Weak Side Ball Reversal, Leave Space To Create Space, Offensive Rebounding Through Motion, Play downhill, Purposeful dribbles, Straight Line drives, Role execution based on player strengths and weaknesses.

Small Sided Basketball Fundamentals: Spacing, Shot Selection, Dribble Penetration, Sharing The Ball, Timing, Ball Reversible, Post Play, Purposeful Dribble, Up Tempo Transition, Defensive Rebounding, 1 vs 1 Battles, 2 Man Ball Screen and Roll.

Basketball Skills: We are building skill strivers. We will monitor and encourage players to always be improving skill stretch goals whether timed or consecutive reps.

Life Skills: Players will be held accountable to club standards. Examples: attend practices with vigor and focus, show up early, bring water and proper attire, wear uniform, build great pre-practice shooting and ball handling habits, become leaders, come rested, get to bed early, establish a healthy lifestyle of diet, fitness, rest and mind.

Homework Hoops: In-house program to quantify skills, attend games live and watch games on TV.

Scrimmages: We will challenge other local clubs. We will also ave inter-squad scrimmages

Time Off: Christmas Week, Thanksgiving Week, Fourth of July Week

Cost: $900 Per Season (Includes Uniform, Shootouts, Outdoor Court Fees, Insurance, Team Snap, Insurance, Equipment, & Coaching)