Be The Best Teammate Possible


  1. Point to the Passer

    1. Scorer points to the passer after made points or missed shots and says nice pass

  2. Pick up Teammates

    1. Whether lose ball, charge or knocked down teammates should be helped up

    2. Sprint over and help them up

  3. Make Eye Contact

    1. Make eye contact

    2. When talking to players

  4. Positive Body Language

    1. High Fives

    2. Handshakes, Fist Bumps, Chest Bumps, Pat on the back

  5. Communication

    1. Positive and encouraging

    2. Lay up - Shout out lay-up to a player who is free to lay-up

    3. Know when to ask for pass and when to be patient

  6. Trust Your Teammates

    1. Trust your teammates can handle the situation

  7. Share the Ball

    1. Involve teammates in the offensive.  Touching the ball get everyone active and confident.

  8. Avoid Bullying

    1. Players need to know the difference between light-hearted jokes and hurtful jokes. Best to keep comments to yourself and play basketball.

  9. Coming off the court.

    1. Greet teammates coming off the court with a high five and fist bump. Stay involved and active while on the bench. Be supportive coming off the on the bench when taking a seat.