Coaching IS Communication IS Language IS Culture

Communication is vital for coaching success. Utilizing consistent Coaching Phrases is great tool to build a baseline for a Team Culture. Coming back to these phrases through out practices, meetings, games and timeouts help ensure acceptance, buy in and instinct building.


  • If your not 10 minutes early, your 10 minutes late.

  • Master the small things


  • Spacing

  • Great Shot Selection

  • Share the ball


  • Stop the ball, Guard the basket

  • Stance

  • Rebound

  • Sprint back

  • Seal the seams, guard the gaps

  • Block out

  • Low stance, Low man wins.

  • Stick the face

  • Feet on feet, stay square.


  • Practice the way you play

Passing and Catching

  • Catch with your eyes

  • Give a target

  • Catch ready to shoot

  • Its ok to leave your feet to make a pass, but its not ok to leave your feet to find a pass.