Bay Basketball Club Culture Is Player Development

We believe basketball is an excellent tool to develop responsible and successful young people. In this belief players are challenged individually and as a team member.  As an individual, players are challenged  to master new skills (Skills Through Struggle), problem solving a difficult situation and personal integrity of being prepared and accepting results. As a team member players are challenged to play a role based on ability and whats best for the team all while developing the tools and skills to become a more complete player.  

Player Development (Growth Mindset) is at the forefront of everything we do.  We believe each player can grow as a person and as a player. The following building blocks are listed in priority order.

  1.  Attitude - Coachable, Emotional IQ, Character

  2. Teamwork - Leadership, Team Spirit, Individual Team Role

  3. Basketball IQ - Decision Making, Court Awareness, Self Control

  4. Skills - Technique, Ambidexterity, Quickness

  5. Fitness - Physical, Mental, Nutrition

  6. Execution - Performance, Results, Accountabilty

  • Attitude

    • Coachable - Accountability, Accepting Change and Roles, Open mind to new ideas

    • Emotional IQ - Focused on the moment and big picture. In the zone.

    • Character - Integrity, Principles and Emotional IQ

  • Basketball IQ

    • Decision Making - Taking care of the ball or making the right plays with or without the ball.

    • Court Vision - Seeing the correct or next play

    • Disciplined - Playing under control and playing your game

  • Skills

    • Technique - Proper form or motion

    • Ambidexterity - Ability to perform moves using either right and left hand

    • Quickness - Ability to perform skill under pressure and contact

  • Execution

    • Performance - Ability to do your job at a high level

    • Results - Learn from outcomes and growing in the right direction

    • Strategic - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

    • Details - Doing the the little from start to finish

  • Fitness

    • Physical

      • Endurance - Stamina to perform at peak level

      • Agility - Footwork and Quickness to perform moves

      • Explosiveness - Strength to complete the required move

    • Nutrition & Rest

      • Healthy Eating Habits

      • Hydrated

      • Well Rested

    • Mental

      • Peak Performance

      • Emotion Intelligence

      • Big Picture Mentality

  • Teamwork

    • Leadership - Actively leading by example and providing positive direction for the situation and team as a whole. 

    • Communicating - Talk, eye contact and body language

    • Team Spirit - Selfless attitude towards team first

    • Individual Role - Know your job with the group and do it