Frequently Asked Questions

What's the club mission?

Player Development. Bay's mission is to provide year round skill and basketball IQ player development in a weekly practice.  We encourage players to play other sports simultaneously.  We are not a weekly tournament club.  We play in one day shootouts once a season.

Whats the deference between PVBA and Bay Basketball? 

PVBA is a recreation youth basketball league.  Bay Basketball is focused on skill and basketball IQ development.  Bay's focus on game play is small sided; 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and advantage transition games 4 vs 3, 3 vs 2, 2 vs 1.


We do not practice outdoors in the rain.  If it looks like rain in the forecast feel free to email us.  If it is drizzling or even misting we will not practice. If it looks like rain but not raining we will practice and in that event please wit around in case practice is cancelled due to rain.

We will cancel practices for extreme heat.      


When are the seasons?

Bay Basketball Club operates year round.  Season are Fall (September - November), Winter (December - February),  Spring (March-May) and Summer (June-August) 

What are Skills Teams?

Skills Team's focus on primary fundamentals, decision making and small sided games.   

What are Club Teams?

Club Team's expand on skills and basketball IQ and introduce team offences and team defenses. Club Teams players are a selected on desire, skill, attitude, basketball ability and availability.   Teams will participate in 

Skills Teams versus Club Teams?

Skills Team's focus on primary fundamentals, decision making and teamwork.  Club Teams expand past primary skills into the 5 on five game.   

Bay excels in building both skills and basketball decision making.  Skills teams focus on primary skill and fundamentals. Club Teams will expand on individual skills and learn team concepts.

Do you pro-rate?

Yes we prorate season payments if you join mid-season.  But we do not pro-rate missed practices or credit to future seasons.  You may make-up practices at other weekly skills team workouts.

Rain Cancellation Policy? 

We do not practice in the rain.  We will make-up the rain out practices. 

What is your Coach to Player Ratio?

Most practices have a 8:1 Player Coach ratio.

What is a typical practice look like?

Each practice begins with a ball handling warm-up, one or 2 ball dribble drills, lay-up drill, two ball footwork  Form Shooting, Secondary Man Defensive Principle, Transition, Small Sided and big game scrimmage.