Free Throw Shooting Range - 5 Spots


  • Start at Spot 1 and shoot all shots with shooting foot lined up to the front of the rim
  • Complete free throw shooting routine each time
  • Make 5 in a row and move to next spot
  • Miss 2 in a row and go back a spot
  • Complete all 5 spots


  1. 3 Feet (Block)
  2. 6 Feet (1st Hash)
  3. 9 Feet (2nd Hash)
  4. 12 Feet (3rd Hash)
  5. 15 Fee (Free Thrown Line)

Free Throw Shooting Routine Tips

  • Be Confident. Keep routine simple and quick. Do not overthink the shot.
  • Shooting foot lined up at the nail and non-shooting foot back a few inches
  • Dribble one time or two times and take a deep breathe
  • Aim shot over the front of the rim
  • Load shot pocket, coil by bending knees, breath out, uncoil, shoot and hold release by reaching into the rim at a 45 degree angle.