3 on 3 versus 5 on 5: The Benefits of Playing 3 on 3

Players want the ball, players need the ball. and most important players should have the ball.  Too often recreational league basketball does a disservice to developing basketball players by playing 5 on 5 full court basketball. Skills, decision making, team work  and rules are remotely understood or applied at these ages. Often games are dominated by one or two players leaving other players with lost interest and frustration.  Developing an interest and fostering it should be the priority and playing half court with limited players is best.

Our recreation level elementary K - 4th graders should not be playing  5 on 5 Full Court. USA Basketball does not support this and neither does any quality coach or parent who cares about their players long term development.  It's too early for our kids and is a detriment to both interest and development for our young aspiring players.  Play 3 on 3 half-court. Focus on getting reps. Touches, making baskets, dribble drives and learning the game by playing small sided half court basketball.

The Benefits of 3 On 3 List:

  • More ball touches

  • More catch and square

  • More decision making

  • More on ball defending

  • More defensive help situations

  • More shots

  • More dribble drives

  • Less running

  • More impact in affecting the game

  • Intense mindfulness as there are fewer stoppages

  • More communicating

  • More close-outs and block-outs

  • More chances to be the weak side re bounder

  • More effective and efficient way to develop skills

  • Way more cost effective way to spend money on players development

  • No coaching, no cheering

  • No standings, no trophies, just hoops

  • No plays for coaches son or daughter

  • No time-outs

  • More read and react situations