Schemes and Sets

A scheme is a team strategy based on the oppositions scheme. Sets are plays run off schemes and restarts. If the opposition is running a man defense we will a man offense. l we are in a Man Offense we will run Motion Offense

Offense Schemes & Sets 

  • Team Offences Against Man To Man Half Court:

  • 41 Motion: 4 Out and 1 In Read and React. Players drive, pass to post, screen down. Look for automatic sets based on ball location.

  • 50 Motion

Team Offenses Against Man Press or Run & Jump

  • Spread

Team Offense Against 2-2-1 Press

  • Diamond

Defense Schemes

  • Man To Man

    • Deny

    • Pack

    • Full Court Run & Jump

  • 2-3 Zone Match Up Zone

  • 1-3-1 3/4 Trap