Basketball Skills Growth Mindset

Basketball Skills Growth Mindset is gauging yourself by completing a skill in a timed or max reps effort. Completing a skill quicker and training this skill under a time limit is essential in individual training and growth. Growth Mindset is to isolate a skill, train it, test it, train it more and re-test it. Skills are formed through stress and struggle.

Think of these Mantras:

  • Playing In The Zone
  • Playing Out Of Your Mind
  • Shooting on Fire
  • Can't Miss
  • Feeling It

These mantras or feelings come from the efforts you put in. Its natural for you to have skill success following isolated repetitive training. Hard work does pay off. 

Next time you shoot around by yourself or with a friend bring a watch or stop-watch or phone and time yourself completing a skill. Write down the time, reps and date. Come back to it a few weeks later and see if you improved your skills quickness. 

Basketball Skill Growth Mindset Examples:

  • How many Wing Dribble Drives can you make in a minute? How many with weak-hand?
  • How many Free Throws can you make in a row?
  • How many Free Throws can you make out of 10, 25, 50, 100?
  • How many Knee High 2 Ball Pounds can you do in a minute?
  • How many Miken Block Lay-ups cab you make in one minute?
  • How many Miken Block Jump-Shots can you make in one minute?
  • How long does it take to make 2 Full Court Speed Dribble Lay-ups with strong hand? And weak-hand?
  • How long does it take you to complete a Yo-Yo Dribble Cross-Over? Behind The Back? Through the legs?
  • How long it take you to to complete Around The World Prove It from 5 Feet, 15 Feet and 3-Point Line? 
  • Endless drills can be created.  Be creative but be sure its game-like!

The content above is how I prefer to train my basketball players and how I trained myself as an athlete. The book Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness is a fantastic read on how to "Elevate Your Game" and helped shape the content above.