A successful team culture occurs when each member accepts and takes personal accountability.


  • Teamwork: Compete to win, Play for each-other, Strive to do your best,

  • Defense: Pressure the Ball, Guard the Basket, Protect The 15, Sprint Back, Point Man and Ball, Hands Up, Move Feet, Rebound, Close Out, Stay on the Ground, Contest Shooters, Know Shooters and Non-Shooters

  • Effort Plays: Win The 1 On 1s, Rebound, Loose Balls, Take Charges, Box Out, Rips, Pokes, Tips, Put Backs, Play Through Contact, Stay Balanced and Focused, Ignore Fake Tough Guys

  • Communication: Talk, Point The Passer, Pick Up Teammates, Back Pats, High Fives, Eye Contact, Cheer and Stay Alert On Bench

  • Offense: Team Schemes, Restart Schemes, Restart Sets, Push Tempo, Purposeful Dribble, Sprint The Court, Pass the Ball, Pass and Cut, Drive the Ball, Show Hand, Pass To Hand, Probe Dribble, Dribble Gaps, Ball Reversal, Set and Hold Screens, Square up

  • Offensive Transition: Sprint the court, Drive the slots, Hit the Wings, Find the Trailer, Pass Ahead

  • Shooting & Finishing: Shot Selection, Holding the Finish , Free Throw Routine, Finish with both Hands

  • Show up 30 minutes early, begin mindfullness game preparation, go over restarts


  1. Show up early and begin pre-practice routines: Mikens, 2 Ball Dribble, Full Court Dribbles, Block Bankers

  2. Wear Team Practice Uniform, Proper socks and basketball shoes