Next Level. Are you ready?

Weather you're going from the playground to a recreation league, rec to club, shootouts to AAU tournaments, JV to Varsity, high school to college all of us need to assess our individual game and identify our strengths and more importantly our weaknesses.  Here's a few areas to gauge and measure your game.

  1. Make shots. Can you finish around the rim, hit open jump shots and make free throws?
  2. Basketball fit. Are you jumping rope and plyos, sprinting, building endurance and doing push-ups?
  3. Defend man to man. Are you a team weakness on defense?
  4. Ambidexterity. Is your game limited by your weak hand and dominated by your strong hand?
  5. Playmaker. Can you create for teammates by getting them open looks?
  6. Limited turnovers. Are you in control of body and mind?
  7. Execute. Do you meet teams role and expectations?
  8. Attitude. Are you coachable, can accept facts and grow?
  9. Basketball IQ Score. Do you make great basketball decisions?
  10. Study? Are you a student of the game, do you watch film on yourself and others?
  11. Great teammate. Do teammates and coaches both like and respect you?
  12. Passion. Do you have a desire to win and be your best?
  13. Grind when no one's around. Do you train efficient and purposeful on your own time.