Passing and Catching Drills

Passing and catching on the move is essential to playing uptempo transition basketball. Hitting ahead in fast breaks leads to finishes at the basket and open jump shots. Limiting defenses from getting organized should be a game priority.

  • 3 vs 2 Half Court: Team with 3 has to pass. Team with 2 can dribble and pass.

  • Outlet and Go Drill

  • Pass and Replace 3 Man Passing Drill

  • St Anthony’s Passing Drill

  • Partner Passing

  • End To End Drill

Passing Drills should be instructional, repetitive and then game like. The 3-Man Weave is not game like and not something I use in my practices.

Types of Passing:

Passing Phrases:

  • Catch with your Eyes

  • Pop the pass

  • Pass to the hands

  • Hands Up, Give a target

  • Hands up and out, elbows bent.

  • Fingers up, thumps in.

  • Pop the pass

  • Hit the Hands

  • Don’t telegraphing the pass

  • Fake it first

  • Fake a Pass, Make a Pass

  • Skip It

  • Reverse It