Bay Boys play fundamental team basketball.

Offensive priorities are Player & Ball Movement. Spacing & Timing and Great Shot Selection. Defensive principles are See Ball & Man, Stance and Ball Pressure. Our teams will change defensive schemes throughout the game. We press, trap, jump, play half court man and zone.  Offensively we want to play quick and open. Schemes are based on reading and reacting to situations and how the opposition defense is playing to create advantages.

Playing quick and connected as a team with shared fundamental team principles is the priority on offense, defense and transition.

Offense Schemes

  • 41 - 4 Out and 1 In Against Pack Line Man Defense, Read and React. 3 Point Line Spacing, Driving to the basket, X or passing to the post.

    • Quick Hitters

      • X: Dribble At Exchange

      • Motion: Ball Screen Away

      • Cut: Pass and Cut

      • Horns: Double ball screen at Slot

      • Thunder: Post comes to key and Up screens are set for back doors and cutters set up screens again

  • 32 - 3 Out and 2 In Zone Offense

    • Emphasis on Ball Reversal, Driving Gaps

  • 50 - 5 Out Read and React against heavy deny defense.


  • Black - Half court Man to Man, Pack Line. We will play deny on ball handlers and will make shooters drive. We will let non-shooters shot and lay deny when they touch the ball.

  • Orange - 2-3 Match Up Zone

  • Red - Full Court Man Run and Jump. Looking to double or dribble once ball is dribbled

  • Blue - 2-2-1 Press retreat back to orange

  • Camo - 1-3-1 Full Court Sideline Trap

  • Camo 2 Half Court Full Court Sideline Trap

  • BLOB is Orange

Press Breakers

  • Spread - Against Man - 1-4 Press Break

  • Diamond - Against Zone - 1-2-1-1

Offensive Principles

  1. Push Tempo on stops and break

  2. Player & Ball Movement

  3. Spacing & Timing

  4. Great Shot Selection

  5. Hard Cuts Down & Fill Up

  6. Purposeful Dribble - Straight Line Drives, No yo yo’s,

  7. Post Play Inside Out Laker Cutting & Filling

  8. Quick Entry Attack and Counter Ball Reversal

Defensive Principles

  • Stance and Active hands

  • Ball pressure

  • Protect the House (15 Ft Area)