Thank you for joining the Bay Basketball family!  We're honored to coach your child and look forward to becoming apart of his or her development. Please help us in following these Club guidelines

  • Please walk your child back for the start of practice and walk back to pick your child up at the end of practice.  
  • Please refrain from cheering or coaching your child during practice. Please give the coaches and fellow players space to play and practice. Basketball IQ is best developed by trial and error, playing experiences and in the moment concentration. 
  • Please have player bring water, wear proper athletic attire (Bay Basketball Uniform), and basketball sneakers.
  • Please make sure hair is pulled back and hair is removed from eyes.
  • Do not coach your child during games. Allow players to become independent thinkers and problem solving leaders working with teammates. We want players communicating with teammates or listening to coaches for instruction and not looking at the sidelines. Cheering and encouragement is of course welcomed!