Rebounding is a combination of Skill, IQ and Effort. Offensive rebounds are extra possessions. Defensive rebounds initiate offensive transition and lead to broken defenses and great scoring opportunities.

Defensive Rebounding Tips:

  • Stay between man and basket

  • Pivot, feel and seal

  • Use your butt and stay low

  • Go get the ball. If its there to grab, grab it!

  • Take pride in one and done’s. Any stop is a defensive score.

Offensive Rebounding Tips:

  • Crash weak-side for positioning and early sight of flight of shot

  • Time shot. Know where and when shot is going up.

  • Deeper the shot, harder the rebound. Shorter the shot, shorter the rebound.

  • Spin off block outs

  • If tagged up on perimeter and not sealed use effort to seal off opponent

Free Throw Rebounding Tips:

  • Hands up, get low and be first to step in

  • Know if its One and One, Second Shot, An One.

  • Know who is blocking out shooter

  • Offensively look to spin and crash left/right misses

  • Defensively make contact and block out and feel for spin