Identifying what's a Great Shot and what's a Bad Shot is essential.  For example a great shot is a transition lay-up versus a bad shot which is a contested off the dribble three pointer. Players need to know personal shooting range and success from different spots and angles. There is risk vs reward that players aught to consider each time a shot is taken.  Knowing what shot is best for the team is Basketball IQ.  Basketball Skill is having proper technique and a healthy FG percentage. Basketball Execution is your shooting percentage in games and in shooting drills. Teamwork is having the self-control to shot the shot you have success taking given the team as a whole.  

Team success on offense has more to do with shot selection then any other factor.  Ranking great to poor shots:

  1. Great - Lay-ups: Fast Break, Back Door Cut, Basket Cut, Laker Cut, Dribble Drive Lay-up

  2. Great - Contested Lay-Up: Dribble Drive, Post Move, Dribble Drive Post Pass

  3. Great - Open Catch and Shot: 5-15 Foot Jump Shot

  4. Good - Contested Catch and Shot 5-15 Foot Jump Shot

  5. Good - Open Pull Up Jump Shot or Runner

  6. Good - Open 20 Foot Jump Shot (Junior High & Up)

  7. Bad - Contested Off Dribble Jump Shot

  8. Bad - Contested Off Dribble 20 Foot Jump Shot

Players can become great shooters. Players can perfect proper shooting form and technique with great coaching and player dedication. Proper form and shooting repetition is the only formula for success. Strength and conditioning makes great game execution. A few hours a week of independent shooting is demanded to become a consistent shooter in elementary school.

Players will struggle playing a non-shooting role on a team. Scoring is fun and exhilarating. However, basketball is a team game based on trust and execution of a team role. If a player takes Bad Shots the trust is broken between both teammates and coaches.  A players character will be tested. Michael Jordan was not a great three-pointer shooter early in his NBA career. He dominated with pull-up jumpers and driving to the basket and dunking. Jordan recognized the opportunity and benefits of becoming a great three point shooter. He spent thousands of hours in skill development, hired shooting coaches, strength trainers and watched film on his technique.

National Champions Villanova motto is "Shoot them up and sleep in the streets." The key part is shooters shoot them up. Not non-shooters who have a poor shooting mechanics and low shooting percentage.  


  • Shot Selection: Type of shot a team takes

  • Follow Through: Shooting hand reaching to the target and holding the finish

  • Contested Shot: A shot taken while being closely guarded

  • Runner: A shot taken off one foot. Think Steve Nash, Dirk,

  • Floater: A shoot with a higher arc then usual in order to shot over a defender. Typically 85 to 55 Degrees. Think Chris Paul.

  • Field Goal: A successful shot

  • Field Goal Percentage: Percent of successful shots made.

  • Form Shooting: A Drill to enforce proper form

  • Shooting Form: Execution of the shot mechanics

  • Shot Mechanics: The process of shooting