Skills Program

Skills, Drills and Small Sided Games - Skills Program

Learn how to ‘play basketball’, not how to run ‘basketball plays’. Our Skills Program is designed to teach, repeat and apply fundamental skills in drills and small sided games.

Youth basketball leagues and coaches are failing to develop fundamentally sound players. Practice times are spent learning ‘plays’ and ‘games’ are spent being running the plays.

What are fundamentals? Dribbling Drives, Passing and Catching, Finishing, Shot Mechanics, On Ball Defending, Off Ball Defending, Ball Handling and Footwork.

Skill Workouts are designed for instruction, repetition and application for maximizing individual player development. The first half of the session will focus on primary fundamentals: Ball Handling, Dribbling, Finishing, Passing & Catching and Shooting Mechanics. The second half will focus on applying those individual skills in transition drills and 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3.  

Our game approach to teaching skills and on ball decision making is both highly effective and efficient. Players will be on ball 90% of the practice. The remaining 10% the player will be learning to cut to get open, run partner actions to score or learning to help on defense.

Workouts are lead by Coach Matt Lengkeek a certified USA Youth Basketball Coach who excels at building basketball players in a fun, safe and challenging environment. Coach Matt resides in Palos Verdes Estates and is a father of two children in Palos Verdes schools.

Bay Basketball Club hosts year round skill development programs located at PVIS in Palos Verdes Estates for elementary and junior high boys and girls. Programs are run in 4 separate seasons; Winter (Dec-Mar), Spring (Mar-May), Summer (Jun-Aug) and Fall (Sep-Nov). Skill Development consists of three areas; Individual Skill, Competitive Drills and Small-Sided Games of 1 On 1, 2 On 2 and 3 On 3. Our skill development practices focus on the individual player. Contact Coach Matt for more details 310-938-6976.

Space is limited so please contact Matt if interested.