4 Stages of Basketball Learning

While developing a players skill and basketball IQ we recognize each player develops differently.  Our goal is foster the love of the game and a positive experience. Below is how we see players develop over time:

Introductory, Level 1: Unconscious Incompetence

    1. Ignorant Bliss: I’m super motivated, I’m going to play in NBA

    2. I love basketball.  It’s fun to watch. My friends play.  My sibling plays. My dad likes it.

    3. This is cool. I can dribble. So much fun playing with friends.

    4. I want to join a team.

    5. Introduction to basketball. Love at first bounce.

    6. Confidence is high

Intermediate, Level 2: Conscious Incompetence

    1. This Is Hard. I miss most shots.

    2. I’m not very good. My friends are better. Can I be that good?

    3. These drills are hard. Lets just scrimmage.

    4. What are all these words?  New language. What’s a pivot?

    5. I need to practice a lot if I’m going to get better

    6. Skill Building Grind. Repetitions.

    7. Confidence is weak

Advanced, Level 3: Conscious Competence - Skill Application

    1. I’m starting to get good.

    2. I’m making shots

    3. Driving to the basket and making layups is easier

    4. I want to play against other players

    5. Practice is paying off. But its still a challenge.

    6. Confidence is rising

Expert, Level 4: Unconscious Competence

    1. Applying skills consistently

    2. Playing under pressure

    3. Following the rules of the game

    4. Applying Basketball IQ in real time

    5. Mastered fundamentals

    6. Coaches commands are natural

    7. Confidence is steady