4 Stages of Basketball Learning

While developing a players skill and basketball IQ we recognize each player develops differently.  Our goal is foster the love of the game and a positive experience. Below is how we see players develop over time:

Introductory, Level 1: Unconscious Incompetence

    1. Ignorant Bliss: I’m super motivated, I’m going to play in NBA

    2. I love basketball.  It’s fun to watch. My friends play.  My sibling plays. My dad likes it.

    3. This is cool. I can dribble. So much fun playing with friends.

    4. I want to join a team.

    5. Introduction to basketball. Love at first bounce.

    6. Confidence is high

Intermediate, Level 2: Conscious Incompetence

    1. This Is Hard. I miss most shots.

    2. I’m not very good. My friends are better. Can I be that good?

    3. These drills are hard. Lets just scrimmage.

    4. What are all these words?  New language. What’s a pivot?

    5. I need to practice a lot if I’m going to get better

    6. Skill Building Grind. Repetitions.

    7. Confidence is weak

Advanced, Level 3: Conscious Competence - Skill Application

    1. I’m starting to get good.

    2. I’m making shots

    3. Driving to the basket and making layups is easier

    4. I want to play against other players

    5. Practice is paying off. But its still a challenge.

    6. Confidence is rising

Expert, Level 4: Unconscious Competence

    1. Applying skills consistently

    2. Playing under pressure

    3. Playing 5 vs 5

    4. Follow the rules of the game

    5. Applying Basketball IQ in real time

    6. Mastered Fundamentals

    7. Coaches commands are natural

    8. Confidence is steady